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In 1996, Shanghai Shengjie Air Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.
In 2003, he became a hero in SARS in Beijing.
In 2008, the air purification equipment for the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Games was supplied by Shengjie.
In 2010, Shanghai World Expo venue air purification equipment was all supplied by Shengjie.
In 2011, Shanghai Shengjie New Energy Co., Ltd. was established
In 2013, Shanghai Shengjie New Energy Company was established
In 2015, Shengjie Company took the lead in proposing a clean air operation concept and developed an air monitoring cloud platform.
In 2016, Shengjie Technology Co., Ltd. was established to integrate and reorganize other subsidiaries
In 2019, Shengjie will continue to move forward.

Shengjie, who has focused on indoor air pollution control and environmental improvement for more than 20 years, has core invention patents and has provided air purification equipment for more than 1,000 projects in China. Since the outbreak of smog, Shengjie has first proposed “good air operators”. The concept of creating a system-oriented solution for the air, bringing the world's most advanced air management industry's new materials and technologies to the extreme, providing customers with the highest level of air management solutions. While focusing on indoor air purification technology, Shengjie pays more attention to the control of atmospheric pollution. Starting from the energy control of the building itself, Shanghai Shengjie New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 as an energy management service, investment and technology. , heating systems and management consulting services of professional service providers, and provides a full range of air conditioning in investment, energy efficiency improvements, management, committed to improving the energy efficiency of refrigeration station systems, comprehensive energy efficiency or energy price, solve encountered Various problems in the construction and operation of the cold and heat source project have realized the safe, reliable and energy-saving operation of the air-conditioning system. Shengjie Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, China, with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. It is dedicated to the customized production and navigation operation of civil helicopters of China's own brands. It has a wide range of helicopter sales channels and innovative types. Marketing model. Combining China's “One Belt, One Road” development strategy, the development of the helicopter industry in China is promoted by the innovative development model.

    The company is committed to providing optimized clean air solutions and competitive value-added solutions to customers around the world.


    Sheng Jie more concerned about the control of air pollution, energy consumption control start from the building itself


    Providing cold and heat sources of investment, energy efficiency upgrades, run the managed package of professional services

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